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Energy efficient modular homes from Reliant Modular Home Builders have an Energy Star Homes, five-star rating.

Reliant Custom Modular Homes is a proud builder of Energy Star Homes that includes a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's five-star rating. Energy Star Homes enjoy increased energy efficiency and require less energy to heat and cool, saving you money for years to come.

Click on this link for more information about Energy Star Homes.

What Makes An Environmentally Friendly Home?

What makes modular homes more environmentally friendly is the state-of-the-art construction technologies used in our factory when building each home. Because modular homes are built in a factory in a controlled environment, they make the most efficient use of energy during construction while greatly reducing waste.
Modular construction techniques results in a “tight” house, which means that less air escapes through holes or seams, resulting in a house that requires much less energy to heat or cool.
According to a recent University study, wood-frame homes are more environmentally friendly than those constructed of steel or concrete. Additionally, researchers, at the Consortium for Research on Renewable Industrial Materials, concluded that most of the energy required to build a home is consumed in the manufacture of building materials – not in the actual construction of a home.

Custom modular homes that are environmentally friendly and have a 5-star energy rating are available by Reliant Custom Modular Home Builder throughout New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, including Westchester and Fairfield counties and Hudson Valley region of NY.


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