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Building process for modular homes
Reliant Modular Home Builders takes you every step of the way to building your custom modular home. From site excavation, to setting your home, choosing interior amenities, to finished home.

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Information Regarding Modular Construction

The building process for a custom modular home

Many factors can impact the timing of building a custom modular home – weather, approvals, financing. Generally, we tell our clients to figure on 3 to 6 months from start to finish.

Step 1-The Interview

We begin with an interview to gather information about the home you would like to build. We will make suggestions, which we think can help achieve the home you want and can afford.

Step 2-The Floor Plan

Next, we draw an initial floor plan and review it with you. We will make any changes you would like and again offer helpful suggestions. We will present a revised floor plan for your review and approval.

Step 3-Elevations

Once the floor plan is approved, we will create architectural drawings, which will show the house from the front, back and sides.

Step 4-Specifications

Together, we will develop the specifications for the house, such as type of windows, siding, roofing, flooring, cabinets, etc.

Step 5-Pricing

Once the house planning is complete, we submit the plans and specification to the factory for pricing. Once we get the pricing from the factory, we produce a construction budget and review the pricing with you.

Step 5-Approvals and Financing

With the completed plans, you can proceed with getting approvals from your municipality and financing to build your home.

Step 6-Construction

With approvals in place, the construction of your new home begins. First, a foundation is built and then the house is delivered and erected. Once the house is in place, utilities are connected, the interior is finish, and the exterior site work and landscaping completed.

Step 7-Move In

This is the rewarding part of the process – moving into a brand new home built entirely to your specifications – one that meets the needs and desires of your family – in short, your dream home.

Factors that impact the cost of a home?

There are many variables that determine a home's cost that it is impossible for a custom homebuilder to give an off-the-cuff quote on a particular house without working out the details with the homeowner. Some of those variables include site conditions, design complexity, unfinished spaces, special amenities, and finish materials.
For example, you'll pay more for site improvements on a rural, 5-acre parcel of land, 300 feet off the road then building in a 50’ x 100’ lot in a developed area.
The style of your home will also have an impact on costs. A ranch home is more expensive per sq. ft. to build than a two-story home. A hip roof is more expensive than two-story gable, and extras such as a three-car garage or a full basement requiring additional labor and materials, adds to the cost of the home without increasing its square footage.
You'll also pay more for amenities such as a curved staircase rather than a typical straight one. Also the type and quality doors, handles, flooring, cabinets, countertops, faucets, or other details you decided on, will also impact the cost of your home.

Links to informative websites

Energy Star Homes

Reliant Modular Homes is a proud builder of Energy Star Homes that includes an U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's five-star rating. Energy Star Homes enjoy increased energy efficiency and are lower to heat and cool, saving you money every year you live in your home.

Signature Homes

Signature Homes is one of our modular manufacturers.

National Home Builders Association

We are a member of the National Home Builders Association.


Systemsbuiltnews.com offers industry professionals a broad range of information about the Log Home, Modular, Timber Frame and Panelized industries.

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Professional Resources

Reliant Modular Homes works with many of the finest professionals in real estate, lending, and design. For your convenience, we have assembled links to professionals we work with. (We are in the process of updating this information. Please check back with us later.)
If you are a contractor, realtor, architect or mortgage professional, and would like to work with us, please contact us.

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